Vision: To establish an environment friendly, poverty free secular society with equity and justice in Bangladesh.

Mission: CLEAN organizes strategically important activities aimed at or related to innovation in development and smallholder producers rights through delivering essential supports to the deprived communities, social action research, campaign and advocacy. Through ideas, knowledge and innovations, it aims to potentially contribute to critical social, economic, environmental and political justice at all levels of the society. The CLEAN works in favour of people’s rights and socioeconomic development, which in turn will facilitate a sustainable and equitable improvement of life especially for women, children, ethnic communities, religious minority and also the disadvantaged population through their increased participation in socioeconomic, cultural and civil life.

Purpose: The ultimate purpose of the organization is to help in building strategies and solutions embodied in public and private actions to advance individual freedoms and collective actions, international solidarity while keeping firm on social justice and human rights perspective. Challenging hegemonic ideas and promoting transformative social actions are the fundamentals of CLEAN’s activities.