The southwest coastal region of Bangladesh is an active floodplain with unique characteristics. The Sundarbans, the largest single tract mangrove forest of the world, situated here which has been declared World Heritage Site by Unesco and Ramsar Site by UN Convention on Wetlands.

To protect unique ecology and biodiversity of the region, CLEAN implements both capacity building and campaigns at local and national level. The programmes of CLEAN in Environment and Forest theme are:

  1. Campaign for Protecting Sundarbans from Industrial Pollution
  2. Environmental Education through Marvellous Mangroves Curriculum
  3. Establishment and Nursing Mangrove Club in Secondary Schools
  4. Mangrove Afforestation in the Sundarbans Adjacent Areas
  5. Protecting Oil Spillage and other Pollution in the Sundarbans
  6. Promoting Forest Peoples Cooperative for Rights and Development
  7. Campaign for Forest Peoples Access to and Rights over the Sundarbans
  8. Campaign for Participatory Management of the Sundarbans
  9. Facilitating ‘Sundarbans Watch Group’ for Good Governance