Mangropedia LogoMangropedia is a free and open sourced online encyclopedia on Mangrove Ecology. It is a completely copyleft publication developed by a number of youth environmentalists and webpage developer who are committed to free knowledge and information for development. CLEAN is facilitating Mangropedia, but it is owned and administrated independently by the Mangropedia Team who have been selected from the contributors, developers and editors.

Mangropedia is currently readable in Bangla (Bengali) and English (English) language. We are trying to develop it in different languages, especially in local languages of mangrove forest adjacent communities. If you are interested to know more, please visit Mangropedia website.

You can join with the initiative in many ways. You can submit a new article on mangrove species or ecology, edit articles, submit a photo, help to citing any information or simply raise a single dollar for the volunteers.