On its journey to fulfill the mission and vision CLEAN (Coastal Livelihoods and Environmental Action Network) strives for developing a knowledge based society where everybody can take decision with necessary information towards self determination. To this end, CLEAN has been trying to enrich its resources for all people. The sections of resources are:

MANGROVE RESOURCE CENTRE (MRC) where necessary documents on coastal livelihoods, environment, biodiversity and other development issues.

MANGROPEDIA is a complete free, open-sourced and web-based encyclopedia on Mangroves.

MARVELLOUS MANGROVES CURRICULUM, is a guideline for teachers with necessary resources to teach secondary level students, although it can be used by higher levels.

PUBLICATIONS: CLEAN regularly publish study and research reports, experience sharing reports, articles, seminar papers and translated national and international documents to disseminate among its stakeholders and broader community.

CAMPAIGN MATERIALS: To support the campaigns on various issues related with our mission, CLEAN publish and disseminate posters, leaflets, infographs, placards, festoons and other campaign materials.