Aims: CLEAN aims to:

  1. Provide unique resources and points of reference through committing to the search for alternative paths of social transformation towards a more sustainable and just world;
  2. Expose the real issues of the day, listening to the oppositional voices and bringing in local and innovative perspectives from the margins to the global development discourse; and
  3. Explore collective initiatives at local, regional and international levels which promote sustainable livelihoods and social justice.


Approach: In pursuing these aims, CLEAN designs and conducts quality research applying innovative methodologies on various economic and social issues and policies, whose findings are expected to profoundly impact the social transformation process. Building capacities for creating informed constituency of citizens for social action is another core objective of the organization. The organization also intends to bridge the gap between research and activism through various piloting, sharing, learning and dissemination process. CLEAN’s technical domain of expertise includes economic and social policy analysis, statistical and applied research and community engagement in generating peoples endogenous knowledge and practices. To demonstrate, replicate and create model of ideal development approach, the organization aspires to implement various socioeconomic development projects including awareness building and service delivery in health, education, income generation, asset transfer, disaster preparedness and response, environmental equilibrium, risk reduction and community based supports. A multidisciplinary approach with truly people-centered perspective guides all of its research and action programmes.