Harunur Rashid Sagar

Communication Fellow

Harunur Rashid Sagar has been working as Communication Fellow with the organization since November 2020. He is an accomplished mass media and journalism professional with an upheld ability to develop and implement communication strategies that support project management and community-based mechanisms.

Sagar holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography with a major in Documentary from Osmania University, India and a Bachelor of Social Science degree in Public Administration from Islamic University, Bangladesh.

Documentation of different cultures and traditions is his area of passion. He loves writing, reading, listening to classical music and watching classic movies. He also has an interest in different cuisines.

Sarmin Akter Bristy

Campaign Officer

Sarmin Akter Bristy is working as a Campaign officer at CLEAN (Coastal Livelihood Environment Action Network). She is working on campaign strategies against fossil fuel in Bangladesh. Currently, she is focusing on organizing and coordinating effective campaigns, developing campaign materials to ensure effective engagement of mass people in fossil fuel campaigns in Bangladesh.

She is a young enthusiastic graduate of Environmental Science from Khulna University majoring in remote sensing, waste management, EIA analysis, and water development. Besides her academics, she is also involved at several volunteer programs such as TEDx Khulna, Assistant general secretary at Kristy, and Environmental Awareness Club of Khulna University. She also attended several regional and national summits and workshops including OIC Youth Summit-2020.

Bristy is very much passionate in music and travelling. She loves to explore new places and culture in her free time.

Sheikh Tamim Iqbal

Office Assistant

Sheikh Tamim Iqbal has been working as Office Assistant for the organization since 2018. He is responsible for the office supplies maintenance and input assistance at different activities and programs. Moreover, he is a very generous and friendly person with a never ending smile on his face while keeping the others functional at work.

Mr. Tamim completed elementary education under Jessore Education Board. He also joined several workshops and training programs on capacity building and soft skill development. 

In his free time, Tamim loves to travel to different places and taste traditional dishes, especially sweets. Among all places, he loves to visit forests and mountain ranges.

Sajjad Hossain Tuhin

Research Coordinator

Sajad Hossain Tuhin has been working as Research Coordinator of CLEAN (Coastal Livelihood and Environmental Action Network) since 2017. He is working closely on environmental degradation and climate justice. Having been experienced in working on different projects and research activities in environmental and ecological issues, he is also responsible for the scientific analysis and drafting the research reports for CLEAN. Currently he is focusing on energy sector investment and environmental degradation for large infrastructure projects in Bangladesh. 

Mr. Tuhin holds a Masters degree in Forestry from Forestry and Wood Technology Discipline of Khulna University, majoring in Forest Management. He also joined several Seminar and workshops on environmental impact assessment (EIA), pollution control and socioeconomic impacts. 

Besides professional activities, Sajjad Hossain Tuhin is a passionate wildlife photographer and taxonomist. He loves to take photographs of insects, birds, plants and rivers in his free times.

Mahbub Alam Prince

Programme Coordinator

Mahbub Alam Prince has held the position of Programme Coordinator of CLEAN (Coastal Livelihood and Environmental Action Network) since 2017. Basically, he is a human rights activist and environmental campaigner. He also had a huge experience of working in the development sector of Bangladesh since 2003. Currently he is focusing on Green Development and campaigns against fossil fuel, especially coal power plants in Bangladesh.

He holds a master degree in Management from National University of Bangladesh and got several training on rights and service development in national and international level. In addition to that, he gathered valuable ingests of socioeconomic status from his frequent field visits. 

He loves to explore new places and meet new people when he is not working. He also used to read a lot in his free time, especially novels and short stories.  

Kakoli Haldar Keka

Finance & Admin Officer

Kakoli Halder has been working at CLEAN (Coastal Livelihood and Environmental Action Network) as a Finance and Admin Officer since 2019. She is a young and passionate professional maintaining financial statements and bookkeeping for CLEAN.  Currently, she is focusing on financial management of green Energy campaigns against fossil fuel, especially coal power plants in Bangladesh. She dreams of a poverty free and gender neutral society on which she works professionally and personally. 

Ms. Halder has completed her MBA in Accounting from National University of Bangladesh. She also attended several seminars, training and workshops for capacity building and gender equality. 

In her free time, she loves to travel, especially the sea beach that attracts her the most. Bengali literature is her another area of interest.

Hasan Mehedi

Chief Executive

Hasan Mehedi is the founder and Chief Executive of CLEAN (Coastal Livelihood and Environmental Action Network). Prior to founding CLEAN in 2010, he spent 12 years as the key persons of different right-based organizations. When he was playing the role of voluntary head of the previous organization, he professionally worked on Child, Adolescent and Women Rights, Financial Accountability, Forest People‚Äôs Rights, Mangrove Conservation, People’s Movement against destructive projects of IFIs, Traditional Knowledge and Cultural Practices and Environmental Governance in Bangladesh.

Mehedi holds a master degree in Political Science from National University of Bangladesh and several national and international training on facilitation, environmental impact assessment (EIA), mangrove conservation, capacity building of grassroots organization and right-based development.

When not at work, Mehedi is out exploring the countryside or the Sundarbans, taking photos of local plants, making databases of Bengal Flora and reading wonderful books- ranges from cobbling to preaching.

Sudipta Debnath

Communication Associate

Sudipta Debnath is working as a Communication Associate at CLEAN (Coastal Livelihood and Environmental Action Network). Currently, he is working on developing and implementing effective communication strategies, design content and production of all campaign materials against fossil fuel especially for coal based energy plants in Bangladesh.

Mr. Sudipta holds a BSS (Hons.) degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Mass Communication and Journalism Discipline of Khulna University. He is also a member of 1971: Genocide-Torture Archive & Museum and Khulna Film and Music. In addition to that he has participated in several workshops and seminars at notional and regional level focusing on media and filmmaking.

Beside his professional career, he loves to sing, write short stories and poems. He is also interested in cricket and loves to play his game in his free time.

Farjana Aktar (Nibedita)

Research Fellow

Farjana Aktar Nibedita is associated with the organization as a senior research fellow. She has been with the organization since 2019. She is working closely with the research team at reviewing and drafting the research reports and designing the research methods and field data collections.  

Nibedita has completed her M.Sc. in Ecosystem Governance and Globalisation from Stockholm Resilience Centre which is an international research centre on Resilience and Sustainability science in Stockholm University. Her M.Sc. thesis focused on social-ecological trap based on a case of a leather processing unit – Hazaribagh, in Bangladesh. She holds another M.Sc. degree with honors in Botany from National University, Bangladesh, with a special paper on Cytogenetics. Her research interest focuses on sustainable development and dynamics of human and nature relationships. 

Beside her professional career, she has a keen interest in music and literature.