Housing for Cyclone Aila affected Forest Peoples of Dacope and Koyra Upazila under Khulna Districts

Model of a Climate Resilient Small House developed by CLEAN, 2018
Around 650 people are still living in temporary makeshifts on the embankments of Dacope and Koyra Upazila even after 10 years of cyclone Aila, which hit the coastal region of Bangladesh on 25th May 2009.
To ensure secured life in the highly climate vulnerable area of Bangladesh like Dacope and Koyra Upazila under Khulna District, CLEAN started supporting the uprooted forest people who are dependent on the Sundarbans mangrove forest for their lives and livelihoods.
The programme has been started in August 2018 and approximately 50 houses will be constructed by December 2018 under assistance of Friends of the Forest (FOF), United Kingdom.
Contact Person
Mahbub Alam Prince
CLEAN (Coastal Livelihood and Environmental Action Network)

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