Bengali Logo: World Environment Day 2016
As a continuous process, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) published the logo of World Environment Day (WED) 2016. The theme of WED this year is “Go Wild for Life”. Bangladesh Government translated the theme as বন্যপ্রাণী ও পরিবেশ, বাঁচায় প্রকৃতি বাঁচায় দেশ but exactly the theme means জীবনের জন্য, বাঁচাও বন্যপ্রাণ। CLEAN (Coastal Livelihood and Environmental Action Network) translated the WED 2016 Logo in Bengali and published for public use. You can download the photo quality logo from here or write us for Illustrating version.

Bengali Logo: International Day for Biological Diversity 2016

Every year United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (UNCBD) publishes a new logo to observe International Day for Biological Diversity (IDBD). The logo can be found in UN affiliated languages only if not translated voluntarily by respective other countries. In response of a call from UNCBD Secretariat, CLEAN chief executive Hasan Mehedi translated the logo of IDBD 2016 and submitted to UNCBD Secretariat. The logo has been accepted by the secretariat and it can be found on IDBD webpage of UNCBD. CLEAN is also providing the logo to interested persons and organizations on request.