Sajjad Hossain Tuhin

Research Coordinator

Sajad Hossain Tuhin has been working as Research Coordinator of CLEAN (Coastal Livelihood and Environmental Action Network) since 2017. He is working closely on environmental degradation and climate justice. Having been experienced in working on different projects and research activities in environmental and ecological issues, he is also responsible for the scientific analysis and drafting the research reports for CLEAN. Currently he is focusing on energy sector investment and environmental degradation for large infrastructure projects in Bangladesh. 

Mr. Tuhin holds a Masters degree in Forestry from Forestry and Wood Technology Discipline of Khulna University, majoring in Forest Management. He also joined several Seminar and workshops on environmental impact assessment (EIA), pollution control and socioeconomic impacts. 

Besides professional activities, Sajjad Hossain Tuhin is a passionate wildlife photographer and taxonomist. He loves to take photographs of insects, birds, plants and rivers in his free times.

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